Bang Keto-Coffee: Cookies & Cream Craze

This “Bang Keto-Coffee” was an interesting looking pickup on my last full day in Los Angeles. I’ve seen protein coffees before and tried a few MCT coffees in Japan but never have I tried a coffee specifically marketed for keto.

So for the first time — let’s review a drink!

I picked up Bang Keto-Coffee’s Cookies and Cream Craze flavour because it was the closest I could find to “Coffee with Cream” or “Latte” — I like coffee and not coffee flavoured drinks! I noticed a Hazelnut flavoured alternative, but stuck with this one.

Bang Keto Coffee: Cookies & Cream Craze


You would hope that a product marketed as keto would have suitable macros for keto or a low carb diet. Personally, I would say that Bang Keto Coffee is borderline keto-friendly. A 443ml can contains 6g net carbs, which for some diets could be a little high. On the other hand, for those following a more relaxed ketogenic diet or a low carb diet, six grams is fine. Furthermore, at 443ml the can is big enough to divide into two servings.

I do see Sucralose towards the end of the list of ingredients. Sucralose is another sugar substitute that is infamous within the keto community. The Sucralose in the form of Splenda has a high GI of 80 (sugar is 100) and will spike insulin. Still, in its pure form, it has a GI of 0 and is not meant to raise blood sugar levels/insulin production. With most sweeteners, it’s worth trying a single product and checking for side effects.

Bang Keto Coffee includes some BCAAs, 300mg of caffeine, and one gram of Straight 8. I had no idea what that was, so I had to look it up! Turns out its caprylic glyceride otherwise known as caprylic acid or C8 MCT. So Straight 8 is Bang’s marketing name for a shorter chained MCT oil.

The fibre comes from “soluble corn fibre”. I presume this is the American term for “indigestible dextrose” that is used in various Japanese products. This is also used in Quest Bars and I’ve not had any problems with those.

All values are for a single can (443ml/15 fl oz).

Total Carbohydrates11g
Sugar AlcoholsN/A
Net Carbohydrates6g
Saturated Fat1g
Bang Keto Coffee: Cookies & Cream Craze: Nutrition Facts

There isn’t much information on the BCAAs. As you can see the drink contains Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine — but no information on the quantities. I don’t stress over BCAAs, so that’s no biggie for me. If you do care about them, I’d look for your BCAA take elsewhere!


Sadly this was another disappointing product.

The coffee seems to taste like it does in ‘coffee flavoured sweets’ like in Cadbury’s Roses, etc. Whilst the Cookies and Cream flavour just adds a lot of sweetness to the drink.

I was hoping for more of a real coffee flavour. Unfortunately the coffee takes the back seat and a sugary flavour dominates. I guess you could call this the Starbucks of canned keto coffee — a coffee flavoured drink and not coffee.

So for me taste is a bad combination — a sweet coffee flavoured drink. If that’s what you like when you buy coffee, you may like it.

As previously mentioned, I like to try things a few times before reviewing — but it’s taken me a while to drink the can! I am only going to drink the second can because I want to stay up all night so I can sleep on my flight back to Japan!

I like to try things a few times before reviewing — but it’s taken me a while to drink the can… I am only going to drink the second can because I want to stay up all night so I can sleep on my flight back to Japan!

Interestingly, in the morning I found the drink was a little better. I forgot to put the can in the fridge and for some reason, the drink had less of a sweet taste. It did manage to keep me up and got me through airport security! 😺


As much as I like coffee, I cannot recommend Bang Keto Coffee: Cookies and Cream for a number of reasons:

  • In my opinion the tase is too sweet and is not enjoyable; however, there are many other flavours. I could have picked the worst flavour!
  • High on carbs for stricter diets (6g in a 140kcal drink)
  • If protein is what you want, then I would recommend any Whey Isolate. A good isolate will have 1-2g net carbohydrates per serving.
  • For convenience, there are better tasting MCT / Coffee combinations (without the protein)

Now I’d like to try a few other items from this range; however, I’ll be back in Japan next week. I doubt I will be able to find this product in Japanese stores. If I can source a variety pack online I will try the other flavours — don’t hold your breath!